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Local Scholarships

JIM STEWART MEMORIAL – The donor requests a list of seniors each year and makes the choice from that list.                                                      

GOLDEN WEST TELECOMMUNICATION-This is advertised by both me and Goldenwest.  They specify right away that this is a merit based scholarship and they ask the administration to form their committee to choose the recipient. 

SEA SCHOLARHIP  - Scotland Education Association has their own scholarship and they do the advertising.                                                                         

P.E.O.EXCELLENCE-This application will come out in February.  I gather the applications and give them to the PEO president.  They have a committee that chooses the recipient.                     

ZWEIFEL SEED SCHOLARSHIP – Applicants must have an interest in an ag related field.  Applications will be available in February.  The donors choose the recipients.

SCOTAND ROTARY CLUB:- A member from Rotary contacts me each year to advise me of the application and if there needs to be any updates to it.  I have the application on file and this is usually available  in February.

FARMERS AND MERCHANTS STATE BANK – F&M send out the application each year directly to the seniors.                                   

FCCLA SCHOLARSHIP – Miss Schroeder is in charge of this                                

LORAINE ORTH SCHOLARSHIP –  3 teachers are selected to judge the applications and confer with Ron Orth, Loraine's husband.  This application usually comes out in February. 

SPIRIT OF 76 AWARD – There is no application for this scholarship. The donors ask the student council, staff, and seniors to vote on this. I gather the data and send them all the information to the donor. 

SCOTLAND HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP:  There is no application for this.  The scholarship is determined by the speeches the seniors will give at the graduation.  Two seniors are chosen.

BAKER ACADEMIC/ACTIVITY ACHIEVER: There is no application for this.  A list of students, who have participated in two sports, two music, and the class play is given to certified secondary staff members, and they vote to determine  who deserves this award.                           

KELLY HAASE MEMORIAL -.  In the past years, it was only open to students who attended a tech school and a list of seniors were requested.  It has now been opened up to all seniors.

SCOTT HERRBOLDT SCHOLARSHIP – There is no application for this scholarship.  Craig and his parents have requested a list of students, who are attending a tech school.  They choose from that list.

CORVEN AND FRITZIE KEPPLINGER SCHOLARSHIP           - This is a scholarship that is offered to students, who attend a Tech school and have a 3.0 GPA.  There is an application for this.

BUCHE UNDERDOG:  Buche’s will award one $1000 scholarship to a high school senior from their community or the surrounding communities, who has overcome some seemingly insurmountable obstacle in their life and are going to attend either college, university, or technical/trade school.  They will notify me when this is available and I will notify you via email.  It will also be advertised in the paper.

SD SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY GRANT – This is not a local scholarship, but I feel I need to put this in here.   I ask the seniors, who are eligible to apply to turn their application in to me.  It is a very simple application, but I fear, many will not meet the deadline for application.  It is worth $6500.    I do the paperwork; I send the applications along with their final transcript to the post-secondary institution that they will be attending, and then a copy of this to their parents. 

POET Research Center Scholarship – This scholarship was created 2015/6.  Application are presented to donors and they select the applicant.  Applications will be in my office in January or February 


  • Must be a full time Scotland High School Senior in good standing
  • Plans to attend Secondary Education at a 2 or 4year institution
    • Preference will be made towards Agriculture and/or Science

VFW Commanders Scholarship - Requirements include:   must enter the Voice of Democracy Essay Contest in their senior year for the seniors of the 2016/2017 year and must have entered the contest once in either their ninth, tenth, or eleventh year thereafter. Selection is based on citizenship, patriotism, and congeniality with their classmates and instructors. Grades are not a concern, but must have passing grades. The recipient must enter a College or a Tech School and the money will be given in October of their first year. A short letter declaring why you should be considered for this scholarship needs to be submitted with the form.   I am not sure if this is a one-time scholarship or ongoing.



Other scholarships are usually emailed or sent to me and I forward them on to the seniors as soon as I get them.